Support Your Local Pub

Recently, one of my peers informed me that due to my lack of participation in the WPF community, I’m just not a good citizen.  I told him to go to h… well…  you get the gist.

I was feeling a twinge of guilt about this, so I decided to look up my most recent posts in the WPF… er… uh… “Avalon” community forums.  (Well that can’t be good.)  Upon seeing the timestamps on those posts, I was feeling a slightly larger twinge of guilt.  Then I looked at the actual content…  WOW! 

How did we survive in a world without Grid?  Was there really once a native element called FlowPanel?  And the binding syntax… that’s just wrong!  Okay, clearly it’s been too long and I might just be a bad citizen.

Sidenote:  I was tempted to include some links to those posts, but they are all under the name I was using prior to joining the witness protection plan.  So in the interest of protecting my family, who desperately would like to distance themselves from my geekiness, I’m leaving those links out.

To ease my conscience, I’ve been hanging out in the WPF MSDN Forum for the last few days.  I’ve got to admit… this is a pretty cool place!  I plan to pop in here more frequently.  It’s amazing how much the community has grown and what a wealth of knowledge is available now.  And the volume of activity completely blew me away.  If you haven’t been there lately, stop being a bad citizen and check it out!

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