The Great Migration Begins! (blog comments are temporarily disabled)

I’ve begun the rather tedious task of migrating this blog and all referenced web apps to a new web host.  The site will continue to be hosted by my old host during the transfer, but I wanted to give folks a heads up that I’ve temporarily disabled comments so that my current snapshot of the database remains accurate during the transfer. 

If all goes as planned, I will move the site in its entirety to my new host and then resume its normal functioning.  (Keep your fingers crossed!)

I am also planning to simplify my blog UI a bit in the near future, as I am finding DotNetNuke a little too cumbersome to maintain.  As such, I am evaluating several alternative blogging applications (including the newest version of DotNetNuke, just to be fair).

So far, I have to say that WordPress is winning the race, in large part due to its ease of use.  I’d hate to leave ASP.NET behind, but I’m really liking the MySQL/php solution a lot.  Unless I find a compelling .NET-based blog package that offers me something I can’t live without, I may bid IIS and MSSQL adieu.

We’ll see… I’d ask for feedback, but oh yeah… I disabled comments!  😉

If anyone feels strongly about their blogging software, I can still be reached by email.  Of course, if you make the email sound like an advertisement for your blog software, I’m fairly confident it will be stripped by my spam filters!  😛

See you on the flip side!

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