Continuing Quest for "Star"-dom

I just noticed that it’s been exactly two months since I joined the MSDN forums, so here’s my two-month update on my quest for 5 gold stars…

MSDN Profile

At the moment, I have exactly 3500 points, which puts me solidly in the middle of 3 stars.  I’m not quite half way to my 4th star (7500 points).  And at this rate, I should achieve my 5th star (15000 points) about 6 months from now.  Then I will finally be able to retire into obscurity (unless people start haphazardly marking all of my posts as helpful, in which case I could retire sooner)!  😉 

It’s quite clever of Microsoft to invent this little rating system that takes full advantage of the obsessive-compulsive nature of geeks to defend their geekdom.

4 Responses to “Continuing Quest for "Star"-dom”

  1. Bragi says:

    Congrats dude!
    I still have a little further to go (bugger).
    obsessive-compulsive nature? Of course not.

  2. Marlon Grech says:

    The day that you retire from the forum is the day that the forum will feel like a cemetery….

  3. Herbert M says:

    Congrats, and thanks a lot!

  4. IsshouFuuraibou says:

    The quest continues… I’m at about 6500 points around now, but I joined the forums a year ago. Been haunting the C# forums mostly, someday I might reach my 4th star. Course, I have to contend with people like Peter Ritchie for my points.