Sorry about the down time!

Warning:  There is nothing technical in this post and definitely nothing about WPF.  It is just an explanation and request for web hosting recommendations.

If you tried to reach my blog today and received an error, I apologize.  Evidently, my hosting service (normally I’d include a link to, but I don’t want to send them any business!), has decided that my site is too popular.  This is the third time they have shut down my domain because it had more than 200 concurrent connections.

Okay… I know some of you are wondering how I possibly get that much traffic, as delinquent as I am lately in posting new stuff.  I apologize for that too!  😳

Anyway, for whatever reason (I like to think it’s because there’s a decent amount of good WPF information here), this site gets quite a few visitors each day.  Every once in a while, too many of these connections occur at once.  My host told me today that if it happens again, they are shutting my account down for good.  I am VERY disappointed about this, and needless to say, I will be seeking a new host as soon as my schedule allows.

In the meantime, if anyone has a recommendation for a company that offers Windows-based hosting, please let me know.  I don’t make any money off of this site and I prefer not to host ads, so I am hoping for something affordable… preferably someone who offers phone support!

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!  And if you just want to rant about DailyRazor, feel free to post a comment below with the title "DailyRazor Sucks!"  But please don’t everyone post a comment at once… that’ll get my site turned off for sure!  😉

18 Responses to “Sorry about the down time!”

  1. Christian Lesage says:

    DailyRazor = Internet Cow-Boy

    DrWpf is a very interesting blog.

    I can’t imagine what DailyRazor want make with this blog

    Thanks to Dr WPF


  2. Don Mc says:

    Are you looking for shared hosting, dedicated hosting or virtual?

    I have been using a company in Texas named Server Concepts. They provide shared and dedicated servers.

    I have been using their services for several years now (mostly on the dedicated hosted side) and I have been very happy. I think they might be a little more expensive on the shared hosting, but I think the infrastructure they provide makes up for it.

    However, I do think they need to update their website a bit.

    Good luck! There are a lot of options out there.

  3. Josh Smith says:

    Anything that reduces the world’s exposure to Dr. WPF sucks. Boo to your lame hosting service.

  4. Dr. WPF says:

    Thanks Don!

    I’ll check out Server Concepts. I think I’d have to go with shared hosting, as dedicated is usually pricey.

    I neglected to mention that I also need a SQL database to support my blog, which usually adds expense. (I should investigate whether the newest version of DotNetNuke supports other data stores.)


  5. Dillie-O says:

    I’ve been with GoDaddy for about a year now on their Windows Shared Hosting and have been quite happy with the service and the price has been very reasonable. I know they also have dedicated and virtual dedicated solutions, so you might check them out.

    I also used a bit when checking items out since they had a pretty decent matrix of user features, such as Windows hosts that didn’t give me a SQL 2005 database by default (I needed one built in)

    Good luck with the new host hunting! I know it is always seems a little leery which “babysitter” (host) you want to give your “baby” (web content/apps) to. 8^D

  6. Adam Kinney says:

    I’m going into my second year of using and have been very happy with the service. There are a lot of online tools to make administrating your site possible, plus they are big MS partners and are always up on the latest releases.

  7. Brad says:

    I use and have been very happy with them. They offer Windows and Linux based hosting (shared or dedicated) with different price points.

    I am running the Windows Developer package for my blog ( and haven’t had a problem. Of course I don’t get the kind of traffic that you get 🙂

  8. Fred says: for me as well.

  9. Kai says:

    Thank you Dr. WPF.

  10. Martin Hinshelwood says:

    These guys rock!

  11. Dr. WPF says:

    Thanks for the rec, Martin, but I’ve got to have a Windows host. DotNetNuke won’t run on Linux.

  12. Rui marinho says:

    I visit this blog lots of times so dailyrazor can.. **** ***

    I use as well, the service isn’t expensive, and they have sql 2005 for 5$ month add on, i also use that. They have great support.

    I also use because i need sql 2008 reporting services, and they already have that add on. but i must say the service in discountasp is better since asphostingdirectory gives me lots of problems in the database acess.


  13. DiverKas says:

    DiscountASP.NET for me too. Best for the money, they support SQL Server and the tools are all there.

  14. Micah says:

    This is the first I’ve ever heard about DailyRazor being an issue. I’m using them to host which I’m expecting to get pretty busy. Perhaps I should jump ship now instead of dealing with it later. Curious what hosting package are you using with them?

  15. Daniel says:

    Without question Mosso (now is BY FAR THE best hosting platform every created. I wouldn’t trade services if someone paid me. We host over 60 domains with one account in a cloud platform.

  16. Dr. WPF says:

    Looks like DiscountASP.NET has the most votes. I will definitely contact them regarding their service options.

    @Micah, I currently have the .NET EDGE package with DailyRazor (at least until the next time I have too many concurrent connections).

    @Daniel, Thanks for the Mosso recommendation. I’ve actually received a number of pointers to Everyone seems super happy with them. The only drawback is that it costs about 10 times more than I’m currently paying. If I were hosting multiple domains or if I made money off of this site, I’d definitely consider them, just based on what I’ve heard from other loyal customers! 🙂

  17. iceman says:

    i chat with Technical Support of dailyrazor, here’s their reply:

    is this true:

    only 200 concurrent connection, and you’ll shutdown his domain?

    Welcome iceman! Your request has been directed to the Technical Support department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.

    Call accepted by operator Level 1 Support. Currently in room: Level 1 Support.

    Level 1 Support:
    Welcome to Daily Razor Live Chat Support
    Level 1 Support:

    Level 1 Support has left the conversation. Currently in room: iceman.

  18. Dr. WPF says:

    LOL! Great technical support, eh iceman? That brings back memories! 😉

    Meanwhile… loving my new provider, Rackspace Cloud.