Worth the wait… this app KaRocks!

When answering WPF questions, I like to provide pure markup samples, whenever possible.  I’m going to divulge a little secret now…  Whenever I post such a "XamlPad-ready" sample, there’s a 98% chance that I’ve never actually tested it in XamlPad.  That’s because I’ve been a kaxaml user since the 0.1 alpha release.

I’ve always liked kaxaml because of its "snippets" feature, but now there are many new reasons to really love this software.  (I’m not just saying this because Robby likes my snippets, either!)  Seriously, check it out!

(Ahhh… finally, I can cut and paste code directly from kaxaml into my forum posts… no more interim step of pasting into VS to get the syntax coloring!  And intellisense too!  Life is good. :D)

One Response to “Worth the wait… this app KaRocks!”

  1. Marlon Grech says:

    mmm… I saw Kaxaml before and it looks really good…. yet I must admit that I am an addict of XAMLPadX….

    P.S did you see the Jasema plugin tht I have created? I am working on a new funky version….