Reflect On This

In a blatant attempt to put Lutz Roeder out of business (or at the very least, hasten the demise of his empire), today Microsoft released the source code for a number of .NET technologies, including Windows Presentation Foundation.  Seven Attorneys General have already vowed to investigate this act as a possible violation of the consent decree.  Read more here.

EDIT: 1/18/08

That’s right… I did it!  I renamed this post and removed the ‘M’ word.

Why?  Because I do not want anyone to mistakenly associate me with these dolts (thanks for the tip, Brownie) who are addlepated enough to *actually believe* that this move by Microsoft represents monopolistic behavior.  They don’t get it!  The source code was not released for their benefit, nor was it released to injure them…  It was released to help those of us who are actually writing Windows software.  It certainly has nothing to do with their little project to reinvent someone else’s IP.


          – Napoleon Dynamite

8 Responses to “Reflect On This”

  1. Marlon Grech says:

    Why do you take it like that…. for me Microsoft did a great thing by giving us the code….

  2. grork says:

    You *are* joking about the investigations on the consent decree, right?

  3. Dr. WPF says:
    Just in case my sense of humor doesn’t translate well…

    There is a community of nerds who largely believe that everything Microsoft does is motivated by evil intentions… I am mocking these people.

    The release of the .NET Framework source code is an extraordinary move by Microsoft and I can’t honestly imagine how anyone will spin it in a negative light (but at least I gave it a shot :)).

  4. Mike Brown says:

    LOL I love it…I’m sure of two things:
    1. This hasn’t been slashdotted or if it has, it hasn’t received half the attention of Microsoft’s controversial decision to remove support for Appletalk from Windows (a protocol that Apple had stopped supporting prior to Microsoft).

    2. Someone will find some obscure bug that is easier to find using the source, that would have a one in ten billion chance to be found in a real world usage scenario and point to it as “proof” that Microsoft makes buggy code (similar to the bug in Excel). Suddenly, you’ll have 20,000 people claiming that this bug affects them and is “just another reason” why they don’t use Microsoft products.

    It’s en vogue to bash Microsoft.”Be a non-conformist…everyone’s doing it!;

  5. Mike Brown says:

    First assumption proven…the “story” is currently on the slashdot front page. In the form of the title and link only (for some reason they weren’t able to put the summary up there like they do with every other story). In addition, like the mindless morons they are, they found some way to make this a negative.

  6. Dave says:

    Shouldn’t this be: “In a blatant attempt to put Lutz Roeder out of philantrophy…”?

  7. Jeremiah Morrill says:

    I have been an avid (Is that word overused?) reader of slashdot for many years. Although this is not a strong statement as I enjoy reading stories about the moon landing hoax and how the sun orbits the Earth. I am also a bit of a cheerleader when it comes to the Mono project, and Microsoft’s willingness to help out the Moonlight project, I feel, gives it some sort of [real]||[small]||[real small?] validation.

    If you pull up past articles about Mono on Slashdot, you’ll see the project is generally looked down upon in that crowd. Then when the .NET source is released, there is an outcry of it being a strategic move to destroy this beloved darling. This just shows the same, tired Slashdot episode of grabbing at something Microsoft related and turn it into an epic struggle of Good vs. Evil.

    Maybe my opinion of Microsoft is wrong because I haven’t properly secured my tinfoil hat. Maybe Microsoft just wants to build a monopoly to control my mind and eat babies…And ladies and gentlemen, it all starts here…with the .NET source code.

  8. Pete Brown says:

    ROFL. I thought this was amusing when you first posted it. The update is just priceless. Nice that this has been picked up and drawn through the mud. Microsoft can do no right 🙂