Hanging up the Stethoscope

There’s no easy way to break this news, so I’ll just say it… I’m moving on!

After 6+ great years working with this awesome platform, I’ve decided to pursue a new interest.  This new pursuit will leave me with little time to devote to WPF.  I know this news comes as a shock to many of you, but hopefully once you see my new interest, you will understand. 

Please know that I still have great fondness for the WPF platform.  My decision should not reflect negatively in any way on WPF!

Okay, if you must know what is pulling me away from WPF, here’s a sneak peak at my next big thing!

All my best!

14 Responses to “Hanging up the Stethoscope”

  1. Laurent Kemp says:


  2. Josh Smith says:

    I thought you were gonna give us up, gonna let us down, and run around and desert us! Phew!

  3. Kai Bohli says:

    LOL, I was fooled. Wondered if you’re going to be the new Dr. Watson or something 🙂

  4. Pramod.P.V says:

    Gave me a real scare………. Anyway that was a nice prank……………
    but never ever contemplate on “Hanging up the Stethoscope;

  5. Anthony says:

    That was just mean 😉

  6. Jason says:


  7. Cory Plotts says:

    Ok, that was good. You had me.

  8. vinsibal says:

    Well….you got me. Doh!

  9. Eduardo says:

    You really catch me on this one.

  10. Abdelkrim.NET says:

    you really got me with this, nice trick doc. thanks.

  11. MarcelDevG says:

    Haha! Great One!

  12. Stephane L says:

    a joke! I was afraid
    Seriously your next article!

  13. Dr. WPF says:

    Thank you, everyone, for putting up with my nonsense! 😀

  14. someone says: