Free WPF Training!

My retirement from WPF officially ended at 11:59 PM on April 1, 2009.  It’s good to be back!  As it turns out, I’m just not that good at golf and I don’t know what else a retired doctor does.  I better start working on my swing, I guess!

I am excited to see that Karl and Jaime have announced the dates and cities for their upcoming "WPF for LOB" training tour.  The training is FREE!  but you must register. 



 Los Angeles, CA

 4/24 – 4/25

 London, UK

 5/15 – 5/16

 New York, NY

 5/29 – 5/30

 Phoenix, AZ

 6/5 – 6/6

 Chicago, IL

 6/12 – 6/13

[4/20/09 Updated the dates above to reflect the latest info from Jaime’s blog.]

Check out Jaime’s announcement for the full details and registration links.

4 Responses to “Free WPF Training!”

  1. David Nelson says:

    Its too bad you are neglecting the southeast on this tour. I would LOVE to come, and the price is something I and my boss can get behind 🙂

  2. Martin Hinshelwood says:

    What! No Scotland 🙁

  3. kdawg says:

    You are SOOOO funny!

  4. mb says:

    The LA dates are 4/24 -4/25 – that essentially makes it a friday-saturday combo opposed to the saturday-sunday mentioned here!